Supplement to 2012 Fall AGU Poster P33C-1953

Martian CAT Scan: Three-dimensional imaging of Planum Boreum with Shallow Radar data

Putzig et al. (2012)

Presented by:Nathaniel Putzig (SwRI) on Wednesday, 2012 December 5

Document and movie links:

Abstract (58kB PDF)
Full-resolution Poster (29 MB PDF)
Low-resolution Poster (2MB PDF)
Full-resolution 3-D Volume Movies (1.3GB QuickTime)
Low-resolution 3-D Volume Movies (136MB QuickTime)
The 3-D Volume Movies were created in Keynote '08 running under Mac OS X 10.5.8 (Leopard) and exported to QuickTime MOV format. Click the screen to advance through the introductory slides and start each of the three movies.