Formally, my teaching experience is developed at the levels of affiliate professor and graduate teaching assistant. As an adjoint professor at Regis University in Denver, Colorado, I led a course of non-major astronomy students through the fundamentals and some advanced concepts of astronomy. The duties of the position included designing and giving lectures, creating and grading homework and exams, and tutoring and mentoring students. I have also conducted various sections of laboratory experience for astronomy and physics. These hands-on experiences prepared my students for homework and exams and also introduced them to practical knowledge they can use in every day life.

As a graduate teaching assistant, I let undergraduate students through physics laboratory experiments at the University of Missouri - St. Louis and geophysics laboratories at the University of Texas. Duties associated with these positions included grading, tutoring, and mentoring undergraduate students, with the occasional substitute teaching for the professor in charge of the class.

These classroom experiences have been positive in my career and have taught me that teaching in an academic setting is something that I enjoy greatly and wish to pursue. My interactions with students are always positive, and my students often thank me for giving them personal attention when they struggle with difficult topics. This shows up in my evaluations as professor, and my students give very positive reviews. Anecdotally, I have often been commended for my patience and ability to explain things in multiple ways, skills I consider of utmost importance when teaching students with diverse backgrounds.

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